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How Mystic Tan Works: Mystic Tan is a private, self-contained system that employs a patented revolutionary spray on process that uses sweeping side to side airbrush motion, and MagneTan Technology, to apply uniform amounts of Mystic Tan Tanning Myst to the entire body in just seconds. The Mystic Tan System utilizes personal single use cartridges and additives that can be blended to create the perfect combination for all skin types and desired results. HD Technology adds heat to your tanning experience, plus an added drying feature during the application process. Heating conditions the skin for maximum absorption and provides a more inviting experience.

Tips to keep your Mystic HD spray tan lasting

  • You will notice some colour wash off during your first shower or bath. Don’t worry! This is very normal. This is the instant bronzer and you will be left with a luminous tan!
  • Spray tanning does not provide any SPF protection. Only a true base tan will.
  • A woman’s tan will develop different during menstruation, ovulation and if she’s pregnant.
  • Avoid...
    • Alpha Hydroxy Acid OR Beta-Hydroxy Acid products
    • Anti-acne products
    • Band-Aids
    • Bar soap
    • Curel, Vaseline or Dove lotions or deodorants
    • Facial masks and scrubs
    • Depilatory creams (hair removal)
    • Heavy sweating
    • Eye-make up removers
    • Rubbing your skin
    • Dull Razors- Always use a new sharp razor
    • Waxing
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